Who we are


V-Idea makes available to everyone its passion for the communication in order to follow its customers

in every phase of the work, until the realization of the product.


The study phase is important to know what the customer wants and we offer him professionalism and experience


Planning is the development phase, where the customer chooses the solution that he prefers, according to time and budget


When the work is completed, our customer is satisfied. This is a source of pride for us and it motivates us to start a new project


The harmony between workmates realizes a unique product.


Our group of work is at your disposal to help you during the long planning iter, until the realization of the product: creative minds and the research team work together in order to create a high-tech tool, graphically customizable and with a strong communication impact.

Relying on experts that advise you during the process is important. They can give you starting points and they know what is necessary to finish the project within the time and the budget that you prefer. This is exactly what V-IDEA does for its customers and for you. It’s supported by a 20-year communication experienced team. It will help you to choose the right product that values what you want to communicate with high-quality hardware that will keep long time.


A unique tool needs a careful work.


For this reason, our workspaces are studied to sustain all the processes, from the simple idea, to the creation of the product. ur research and development team work together with the creative team and with the commercial aspect: all of them in one specific space, a few steps away the centre of Treviso. Come visit us!